How to get Free Energy

Here are ways on how to get free energy on Criminal Case, this game is so addictive but it sucks waiting till you get enough energy to play so instead of waiting and get bored with it and given that you don’t want to buy then this 6 ideas may help you.



    1. Collect orange juice and potato chips on you home feed.

      • This will give you 3 juice and 1 chip everyday.


    2. Solve the forensic kits as fast as possible.

      • This will give you 7-8 energy and 9 if your lucky enough.


    3. Level up fast as you can.

      • This is one of the best way to get energy by using your energy in such a way that you level up fast. Sometimes it take a whole bunch of energies to get a 5 star in a scene. But after that you will get 20xp for just 5 energy.


    4. Another best way is to add a whole bunch of regular players who plays regularly 24 hours online, with this they will continue to send you free gifts and cards.

    5. Complete your heart and spade collection for the chips and juice since there is no limit on getting it but the challenge in their is that it’s hard to complete.

    6. Play regularly to get the meals and daily bonus.

    7. If you still want more try this one Criminal Case Free Energy Generator.

Feel free to comment on what ideas that works for you and also kindly share your ideas and by doing a comment below.

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