Criminal Case Daily Bonus

How To Collect Criminal Case Daily Bonus; Daily Orange Juice, Coins  & Potato Chips


You can Collect 3 Orange Juice & 1 Potato Chip Daily without any cheat or hack. That means you can collect (20*3 energy + 50 energy)=110 Free Energy Daily and 3000 Coins Criminal Case Rewards! But it is very difficult to find this post in your news feed. You Search group to find this kind of links & Sometimes you post this to many groups to get lucky cards and energy. So we created a solution for this. We give you a link which will solve this kind of problem & never miss a gift again!!! This is not cheat or spam. Click the Orange Juice, Coins and Potato Chips Image below to collect your Daily Energy Bonuses. That’s how easy you get Orange Juice, Coins and Potato easily.

Daily Limit : 3 x Orange Juice And 3 x 1000 Coins And 1 x Potato Chips 1 Orange Juice = 20 Energy 1 Potato Chips = 50 Energy

After Collecting It share this to your friends. Everyday come here & collect it daily. Happy Gaming !!!